20th of February, Monday, Bogos (Austria)

Banjo’s and electric guitars from Austria.

“From Bern Switzerland the old-school No-Hit Hobo Psycho-Western-Punkabilly Sensation: BOGOS !!!! 1st album Recorded by Zeno Tornado, Punk v/s Ennio Morricone Banjo – ONCE UPON A TIME IN OLD BERN – Have a beer or 10 with me and let me tell you the story of the 4 young barflies, in 2009 near Bern they formed as: “Baseball Bat Boogie Bastards” as an old-school Psychobilly band, 3 young Punks and school friends who were no strangers to wild uncouth rock n’ roll around semi-acoustic guitarist Ädu Bogo, double bass player Ritchu Bogo and stand-up drummer Mitchu Bogo crushed 50s rockabilly with country and trash beats from the 60s garage punk area and the simplicity of 70’s punk bands into a wild mix of their own, in 2018 they took another step forward and morphed into the no-hit hobo-billy-punk sensation: BOGOS !!!! With Adri, an important component came into the band ‘the Banjo from Hell’ and they are now committed to Blue Grass Country or Hobo Folk… that was very good for them during the Corona period and they were therefore able to play a lot of acoustics, and with Mitchu Bogo is very active in the Bern scene as concert promoter and with his radio show “Swamp Digger Radio Show” on Radio Rabe the entire recordings and mixings where made by Zeno Tornado at Zeno’s Living Room in 2020″ (source: https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/bogos-empty-bottles-933099)