29th of November: The Roughneck Riot (UK)


Roughneck have been hammering the roads in UK and mainland Europe since their inception, earning a reputation as a hard-working and well travelled live tour de force. Staunchly anti-fascist and anti-dickhead, the motive of internationalist solidarity is needed more than ever. After a spell of recording and recuperating, and a further enforced spell of quarantine, Roughneck Riot are restless and snapping at the ankles. Older and more prone to tiredness, but spurred on by constant irritation.

see ya at the show

Doors: 20:30

19th of November: Grunnixx plays Quest for Fire

This is going to be an evening to remember! Quest for Fire is a wellknown name in the reggae-scene in Groningen. Some of the original members of the band will be joining Grunnixx to play songs from the Quest for Fire era. It’ll be massive, so be there!

There’s a small entrance fee to be payed on this evening and tickets can be bought at the bar in advance. It’ll be very busy, so be on time!!

18th of November: Journeymen Soundsystem

Reggae-tunes in the Zolder!

We are Journeymen Soundsytem
Coming in from the North.
Based in Groningen, Holland.

We are a group of friends
that got involved and then evolved
in the reggae soundsystem business.

Now we are playing some rebel music for the people
everywhere we come. Mostly performing in Holland.
Sometimes we cross the border.

We are working with our own soundsystem
And a group of live artists who fill up the dubs

14th of October, Aleksandar Škorić – SPOS!


Jose Lencastre – Saxophone
Miguel Petruccelli – Bass guitar
Aleksandar Skoric – Drums

This band first played together in 2019 in Portugal, the home base of José Lencastre. All three musicians have been active members of the European free jazz scene for years. The music of the trio can go into different paths but always flows naturally in constant communication between the three musicians.

Expect ‘Balkan-vibes meets the unknown Universe’ and more…!

We have known Aleksandar for many years now, and he is an extraordinary musician! Many a night we watched in awe while he played! Come by now and hear him perform with his friends, SPOS!

No entrance-fee and we have cold beer!

Look up the event-page on Facebook as well: here!

Monday September 19th in Zolder’s:

Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy, starting at 20.00!

Come listen to their signature gritty, high energy folk sound!

Carrie Nation and The Speakeasy bring the heat with a live performance you’ll definitely remember..!

Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy is a high-energy “Brass ‘n’ Grass” sextet from Wichita, KS. The band, whose sound has been described as “…a stagecoach in overdrive”, has brought their eclectic blend of bluegrass, ska, punk, and dixieland to packed clubs, basements, and festivals across the US since their inception in the spring of 2007.

Source: Discogs