14th of November: Michel and the Bluesmachine

Michel and the Bluesmachine is a band that started with the musicians meeting at the Thursday blues-rockjam. On account of a deeper connection that each of us felt when playing together during the years we decided to form a band. Best decision yet!

Our own arrangements range from classical sounding bluestracks, spiced up with some additional material, to full-fledged rock with influences from Black Sabbath, Hendrix and many more. All songs are played while being in an organic flow; nothing is fixed and thus suited for many atmospheres and venues. We adapt, without being overly compromising. We confront, without putting it on too thick.

Being that this band is in an relatively early stage, we can’t provide any material to listen to in advance, but be sure to keep an eye out for us!

Doors open 20:00, cold beer stocked, and no entrance fee! See you then!